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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fugg Yew

He was fidgeting with the edges of his lungi; distraught,
"Whai avent ai been writtan abaout fowr ovarr five manths?" he thought.
Appu had been sensing the worst for quite a while now,
he felt like breaking the fourth wall, but how?

His creator had always poured his own memories into Appu,
weird, vivid thoughts and even the water drops "tappu, tappu"
"Iss it ae writar's blok or dass he nowt laik mi anymor?" he mused.
"Nothing of the sort my good lad" said a voice in his head, amused.

"Woah mai goat!" Appu jumped up, startling himself,
So much that he even knocked over the oak bookshelf.
"Kan too many Dosas make wone delusional?" he thought hard,
"You're being idiotic, you belong in the psychiatric ward."

"Show yewarself iff yew dare" he shouted, spit flying,
"If you want to see me, you'll have to stop implying."
"Dond use sach werds, you boogworm, ai thing I know yew"
"Well then who am I, Appu? Blue blue, chaddi flew?"

"Stoopid jowkes, wonly for tha rhyme schemes!"
"If my jokes are stupid then so are you, it seems"
"Enaff! Yew caant gow on laik thiss fowrevar, yew know!"
"I know a lot of things Appu, but its me you don't know"

Eyes frantically hunting the source, Appu searched,
"Wheyar iss the aaashowl?" he said, wincing a little,
as this was the first time he had cursed.

"If you calm down, I'll show myself to you..."
Appu took a deep breath & sat down, reaching for a dosa.
"Now finish that dosa and I'll give you a clue."

Wolfing it down, Appu sat up. On his face was a glow.
"Khamon naow, tell me how ai khan seee yew!!"
"Alright, get up and walk to that window.

"Ai've reached tha vindow, naow whaat?"
"Turn to your left, look into the mirror"
"Dond play with mee, on yewar faice ai vill faart"

"Oh you wont like it any more than I would"
"Vee shall see aboud thaat, naow wheyar aar yew?"
"Look into the mirror, make sure your eyes are glued"

Staring into the mirror, Appu was slackjawed at what he saw,
He could see himself, but it was a different Appu.
He looked better than himself "Vaat maajig is thiss, haw!"

"Whoo aar yew and vaad is thiss gayime yew are playink?"
"I'm you're future, Appu. I'm you, all grown up."
"Reaally? Ai will loog so goot ven ai am done vith tha growing?"

"Hahahaha, no! I'm your alter ego, I was just messing with you.."
"You've gone bonkers, you need a shrink now, buddy"
"No wan tells mi vaad ai shud doo. So thangs, but fugg yew."