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Friday, April 16, 2010

Blaak Maagik

Appukuttan was tense, his mood was morose.
He couldn't lay a finger on the reason,
was it a severe lack of glucose?

"Maibee itt ees tha heet..", was his notion.
Tying and untying his lungi he pondered,
what if it’s the local beauty's love potion?

Famed for her looks, she’d set off many a brawl.
Eyes lined heavily with kohl,
She had even caused the local MLA's downfall.
Could it be true, could it be so, pray tell?
"dass shee laik mee sow mach?" he reflected,
But she dabbles in black magic!! Thus rung his bell.
Stories of her being a witch were dime a dozen.
Her allure was far too much to resist,
Hell, she didn't even spare her cousin.

Appu's restlessness grew by the day.
Her curvy gait played through his mind,
Would she be his? Was there a way?

He ran out of nails to chew and knuckles to crack.
Why is this woman causing so much strife,
Life was much better without love, now its offtrack!
Appu made up his mind to ask her out.
“Iff shee vaants to refewse, she can”,
He was fed up of being a washout.

He carved a rose out of wood, for her.
Rose in hand he walked into her home,
Only to be appalled by what he saw in her chamber.
There on the bed with his lady love.
Laughing and throwing pillows,
t’was his school teacher, wearing a glove.
“Sarr!!! How kut yew doo thiss too me?” he blurted.
The teacher was confounded; suddenly the spell broke,
Throwing the glove at Appu, the teacher scooted.
“Whai did yew meddle in mai affayar?” she screamed.
With a swift wave of her hand, she mouthed something weird,
and as Appu wore the glove, enchanted, she beamed.