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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Appukuttan : The Initiation

Appu was heading to a shop, walking down the street,
when he heard sounds that were everything but discreet.
Although his first thought was "Gawd, vaat a racket!",
he started missing them even as he reached the market.
He slipped into a daze, captured by the memory,
and as days rolled by, his mind was in a flurry.
Appu couldn't get those enchanting sounds out of his head,
the thought of not hearing them again filled him with dread.
He went around asking the well-read elders,
even the wise old men, who sat on boulders.
No one in the village could comprehend his descriptions,
even the learned doctor gave him naught but prescriptions.
Appu headed back home, dejected and downcast,
when he heard the sounds again, played at full blast.
They were coming out the window of a house coloured red,
forgetting his trajectory, he went straight there instead.
As he crossed the threshold, he was filled with strange foreboding,
the sounds got louder, the walls flaunted pictures, brooding.
When the sounds washed over him, Appu was no longer coy,
tears welled in his eyes and his heart leaped with joy.
On the couch sat a man with greying hair, guitar in hand,
"Whaat is this diviyine sound? It makes yeverything else seem bland!"
Hearing Appus's question the man turned around slow,
he had a strange vibe, and his eyes seemed to glow.
The man mouthed his answer and it rocked Appu to his soul,
He said "God bless you son, you've discovered Rock-n-roll."